It’s already an established Ministry custom to begin each year with Prayers and fasting. Fasting in January is much like praying in the morning to establish the will of God for your entire day. It’s our conviction that if we through prayers & fasting look up to God in the beginning of the year, He will honor that sacrifice and bless our ENTIRE year.

Join us as we embark on setting the foundation for the year with 14 days of fasting and prayers. Use this prayer guide and expand it with your own personal prayer points on a daily basis.

Also join us daily in any of our churches for a time of teaching, prayers and ministrations at5.30pm/6.00pmdaily.

Hymn SS&S 1 “Praise, my soul the King of heaven”

  1. Appreciate the Lord for his goodness in keeping you and your family throughout year 2017. Lam. 3:21-23, Psa 107:21-22, Psa 105: 1-5.
  2. Give praise and sing songs of appreciation to the Lord who gracefully brought you into 2018. Ps 103: 1-4, Psa 149: 1-3.
  3. Thank God for granting us safety by his grace and mercies in all our journeys to and fro throughout last year especially in the festive season. Psa 107: 1-16.
  4. Appreciate the Lord for the promises of Abundance of rain, the former and the latter rain, for speed, Harvest, restoration in 2018. Joel 2:23, Psa 105: 8-10.
  5. List members of your family and thank God for their lives last year and for God’s plans this year 2018. Psa 95: 1-7.
  6. Thank God for a very successful operation Jordan and cross over night in Dec 29th – 31st 2017. Psa 89 :1- 2, 5- 11.
  7. Commit the 14 days of prayer and  fasting  to God,  ask him for  strength  to wait  upon  Him .Isa 40 : 29- 31.
  8. Take other personal prayers

Day 2 (Tuesday 9th Jan, 2018). REDEDICATION OF LIFE AND FAMILY”

Hymn SS&S 616 “Take my life and let it be” & 607 Ï am thine o Lord”

  1. Passionately rededicate and consecrate yourself and your family to God in 2018. Phil 3 :13- 14, Rom 12 :1- 2
  2. Ask God for grace to help our family members to maintain a high level of holiness, purity, and Consecration this year 2018. Titus 2:11-13,Deut 6 :5- 9, Lev 11: 45, Matt 19 :21,
  3. Pray that our church  members  will  live  in  the  fear  of God  until  the coming of the Lord. Lk 1; 74- 75, 1cor 1: 8.
  4. Ask the Lord to search the hearts of our youths and to cleanse them from besetting sins. Psa 139:23-24, Heb 12:1- 2.
  5. Pray that our church leaders and members will consecrate themselves daily,stay in His presence and commit to the study of His words .Psa 101: 2- 8, Josh 1: 8.
  6. As a member of our church family, pray that you will have clean hands and pure hearts continually and will not lift up our souls to vanity. Psa 24: 3- 5.
  7. Take your personal prayer request



Hymn: I’m pressing on the upward way

  1. Bless the Lord for the purpose of your creation and declare that you will fulfil purpose. Psalm 139:14; Rev 4:11
  2. Pray and declare that in this year 2018 you and your house hold will leave in sound health you will not die. Psalm 103:3-5; 1 Peter 2:24; 3 John 1:3, Ps 118:17.
  3. Declare you will live for God, and your love for Him will grow more and more. I John 4:17 ; Romans 5:17.
  4. Pray for your daily needs in year 2018 and decree according to God’s word. Psalm 68:19; Psalm 35:27; Psalm 1:2-3, Joshua 1:8.
  5. Confess and appropriate Deut 28:2-13 for yourself and members of your family
  6. As a husband or wife declare your love and commitment to your spouse. Colossians 3:18 ; Ephesians 5:25-26; Proverbs 31:11, 28-29
  7. Decree specific things you to see in your life, family, Church, State and Nigeria- Numbers 14:28
  8. Take your personal prayer request

Day 4 (Thursday 11th Jan, 2018).  GENERAL OVERSEER & FAMILY

Hymn SS&S 524 “Guide me O Thou great Jehovah’

  1. Let us praise God for blessing CVIC with His faithful servants Bishop Elect Ayo and Rev (Mrs) Yinka Odunayo. Jer23: 4, 1cor 1: 26- 29.
  2. Thank God on their behalf for the successful celebration of 25th years of CVIC and   their 30th wedding  Anniversary in 2017. Psa 103: 1- 5.
  3. Let us wholeheartedly bless the Lord for the family members of our General Overseer, for His goodness and mercies upon them all. Psa 107 : 1- 2, Psa 105 :1- 5
  4. Ask God to send His Angels to protect our Daddy and Mummy and all the members of his family this year 2018  and from the work of Satan. Psa 91: 3- 12, Exo 33:30.
  5. Ask the Lord to give our Daddy and Mummy boldness, utterance, and grace to speak the word of God with great signs, wonders, and miracles following. Eph 6: 19, 2Thess 3: 1, Acts 4: 33, Acts 5: 12,.
  6. Pray for the release and outpouring of the former rain and the latter rain with great and abundance of blessings upon Daddy and his entire family in 2018 and beyond. Joel 2 :23- 24.
  7. Take your personal prayer request


  1. Appreciate the Lord for everyone living in the community where our churches are planted. Ps 103:22
  2. Pray against every stronghold holding back the indigenes in our communities from seeing the light and ask God to bring them Himself. 2 Pet 3:9; Pro 14:14; 2 Corin 4:3
  3. Pray for Rivers state and Nigeria for the Election coming in year 2019 for divine intervention in the primaries and God to sanitize and prepare INEC staff and Ad hoc staff for the forthcoming elections- Prov 29:2, 16
  4. Pray for all the believers who are in politics for God favour and covering over their lives. Ps 5:12; Ps 41:11
  5. Pray that the Lord will help our governments to embark on good projects at the state and federal levels and for the peace of the land.
  6. Pray against the increase of persecution of Christians by Fulani herdsmen and the menace against churches especially in the Northern parts of our country.
  7. Pray for Israel, restoration of Jerusalem as the capital and other Nations as you are led.
  8. Take your personal prayer.

Day 6 (Saturday 13th Jan, 2018). MINISTRY ASPIRATIONS

Hymn SS&S 577 “I need thee every hour”

  1. Thank the Lord for programs (ABC, Bishopric Consecration, Family Life Conferences, Outreaches, Annual Convention) & Ministry Projects planned for 2018
  2. Receive clear divine directions for the Ministry Leadership as they seek the will of God for our Ministry this year- Ps 32:8, Deut 32:10
  3. Pray and ask the Lord to guide, care and protect the Ministry as the eagle jealously guard the eaglet- Deut 32: 10-12
  4. That God will make us as a Ministry and individually to ride in high places and eat fat this year- Deut 32:13-14
  5. That God will open great doors for our Ministry-Rev 3:8
  6. Decree peace, prosperity and great expansions for our Ministry this year- Zech 1:17, Ps 122: 7
  7. Take your personal prayer needs

Day 7 (Sunday 14th Jan, 2018). DISTRICTS AND BRANCHES

  1. Appreciate God for His marvellous and wonderful works that manifested in all our Districts and Branches in 2018 . Job 5: 8- 9.
  2. Thank God for sustained and uphold the Districts and the Branches till this moment. Psa 127: 1
  3. Ask for the grace and mercy of God upon all the districts and branches to move from glory to glory and from strength to strength. Eph 3: 16.
  4. Pray that the Holy Spirit will be at work, awaken, quicken and strengthen each district and branch in 2018. Isaiah 40: 31.

5        Ask for the Spirit of unity, excellence, love, cooperation at districts and branches and pray against the spirit of rancor and acrimony. 1Cor 12 : 25- 26, 1Cor 1: 11- 13, Psa 133 :1- 3.

  1. Ask the Lord to direct and lead all the districts and branches in their plans and visions this year 2018- Psa 32: 8
  2. Take your personal prayer needs

Day 8 (Monday 15th Jan, 2014). EMPLOYERS, EMPLOYEES,ARTISANS ETC

  1. Thank God for our members who are either employers, Entrepreneurs, employees or artisans
  2. Pray that the Lord will bless the works of their hands- Job 1:10, Ps 90:17
  3. Decree the showers of the former and Latter Rain upon them- Joel 2:23
  4. Pray that the Lord will help them to be diligent in the pursuit of their businesses- Prov 22:29
  5. Destroy all satanic ploys and machinations against them and their businesses- Isaiah 7:7; Job 5:12
  6. Specially pray for all our members who’re currently unemployed that the Lord will make rooms for them- Gen 26:22; Isaiah 43:19
  7. Pray that God will give members of our churches creative ideas for business break throughs this year-Job 28:7-8
  8. Take your personal prayer needs

Day 9 (Tuesday 16th Jan, 2018). STUDENTS

  • Thank God for all members of this commission in various Institution of higher learning- Phil 1:6
  • Thank God for the members of our churches that just gained admission and decree that they will diligent and focus in their academic pursuits-Phil 1:6; Prov 22:29;
  • Let’s pray that all our members who’re still seeking admissions will obtain favour- Phil 1:6; Ps 34:5
  • Pray against peer pressures and negative influences for all our members in the higher institutions- 1Corin 15:33
  • Decree that our members will not be initiated into cults neither shall they be victims or victimized- Isaiah 59:19
  • Pray that our Campus fellowships will be a veritable instrument in the hands of the Lord to redeem, disciple and mature believers for effective Kingdom service- Jer 51:20-ff
  • Take your personal prayer needs

Day 10 (Wednesday 17th Jan, 2018).FAMILIES AND HOMES

  1. Thank God for blessing CVIC with great and lovely families
  2. Believe the Lord for multiple homes, weddings and birth of children this year- Exo 1:20-21
  3. That God will bless our families with exemplary and enviable children- Ps 144: 12
  4. No weapon formed against our families will prosper- Isaiah 54:15-17
  5. That the Lord will plant His fear upon our Youths and Teens- 1Kings 18:12
  6. Decree that our Youths and Teens will begin to do great kingdom exploits- 1Sam 17:33
  7. Take your personal prayer needs


  1. Thank God for all members of the Management team- Daddy, mummy, Pst Emma Ewu, Pst Kalu Innocent, Pst Adepoju Joseph, Pst Joe Ezema, Pst Amos Tukura, Pst Innocent Wachijem & Rev Adeboye Joshua.
  2. Thank God for all our District Overseers, Area Pastors, Resident Pastors, Assistant Pastors whom God has been using to execute the mandate of this commission- Prov 29:18
  3. Specially thank God for all the Ministry staff who have executing the Ministry Plans
  4. Thank God for all ordained leaders you know.
  5. Plead with God to raise for us more faithful pastors, leaders and staff this year- 1 Sam 2:35
  6. Decree that our Leaders in our churches will not lead us astray and will not cause members to err- Isaiah 9:16
  7. Ask God to bless our Management team, Pastors, ordained leaders & staff will be blessed with exceptional wisdom- 1Kings 4:29-31
  8. Take your personal prayer needs

Day 12 (Friday 19th Jan, 2018). BODY OF CHRIST – THE CHURCH

  1. Appreciate God for the body of Christ for been united in 2017 despite the treat of the satanic agents. Psa 124: 1- 7, Job 5: 12, psa 33: 10.
  2. Ask God to strengthened the Leadership s of the body of Christ – PFN, CAN, and give them boldness and courage to stand for the truth of the gospel of Christ in 2018. Psa 27: 1–2, Josh 1: 6–7.
  3. Pray for Unity and oneness in the body of Christ there should be noschism or tribalism. Psa 133: 1;–3.
  4. Ask for the mercy of God upon the body of Christ and not to be distracted from the things of God. Lk15: 18;–24.
  5. Decree that God will make all grace abound toward body of Christ, having all sufficiency in all things this year . 2cor 9: 8, John 16: 23, Gal 3: 14
  6. Pray for wisdom and grace for on the church leaders of all categories
  7. Pray for rapture consciousness among believers
  8. Take your personal prayer

Day 13 (Saturday 20st Jan, 2018).PRAYER FOR FORMER AND LATTER RAIN

  1. Pray that God will direct your path in this year 2018. Prove 3:5-8, Ps32:8
  2. Pray that the spirit of fruitfulness and commitment to God and the church in year 2018 will come upon you and the church as a whole 1Cor 4:1-2
  3. Ask God to grant you favour in your spiritual life, businesses, family, office and marriages
  4. Pray for open doors of God’s blessings and every gates of the devil be lifted you’re your ways in year 2018. Rev 3:8; Ps 24:7-8
  5. Ask the rain of blessings upon all our members. Joel 2:22-23, 1Kgs 17:7
  6. Pray for Divine manifestations and miracles. John 6:2; Ps 77:14
  7. Take other prayer peculiar to your branch

Day 14 (Sunday 21th Jan, 2018). PRAYER OF THANKSGIVING

Hymn: To God be the glory.

Thank God for answers to prayers- Isaiah 65:24