THEME:       “The Former and the Latter Rain” – Joel 2:23-28

DATE:         Sunday 6th – 19th NOVEMBER 2017


Join us daily in any of the churches for a time of teaching, prayers and ministrations at 5.30pm daily and you shall have an overwhelming harvest in Jesus Name – Amen.

Victory Int’l Ministries Inc will be 25years in December 2017 and Our General Overseer will also be marking their 30th years in marriage. These celebrations are slated to hold during the Ministries 2017 annual convention. That’s why we are talking of Multiple Celebration 2017.


It’s therefore with great joy and hearts fill with great expectations that the Prayer Sub- committee wish to enjoin all CVIC members to join us in loading the clouds for the imminent showers of “The Former and the Later Rain”- Joel 2:23-28


We are trusting the Lord for unprecedented Miracles, Signs and wonders during this Silver Jubilee celebration. Going forward our churches shall experience harvests of souls, breakthroughs and there shall be multiplied testimonies of God’s faithfulness in the proceeding years


We shall be meeting in all our churches Monday to Saturday 5:30pm to conclude the prayers daily.


Day 1 – Monday, November 6th, 2017 (Thanksgiving)


  1. Give quality time in God’s presence in praise and thanksgiving for all He has dome in the previous CONVENTION especially from 1992 to date. Ps 34:1-3, Ps 95:1-6, 1chron 16:29.
  2. Thanks god for granting our brethren journey mercies in the past and present. 1Tim 2:1, Ps 121:8
  3. Appreciate the Lord for all the harvest of souls He gave us since the beginning of this ministry. Ps 105:12; Ps 35:9
  4. Appreciate God for the great and mighty things He will do in this year’s convention of multiple celebration of the former and latter rain. Isa 43:18-19; Job 5:9
  5. Thank the Lord for preserving you and your house hold to see this year’s convention. Ps 30:3; Josh 14:10
  6. Appreciate the Lord for keeping His covenant and promises to us. Gen 17:7; Mal 2:5
  7. Ask the Lord to grant you grace and strength for this prayer and fasting. Phil 4:13
  8. Take other prayer points as you are led and take personal prayers.


Day 2 – Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 (Convention preparation)

  1. Thank the Lord for giving us the grace and strength to start preparation for this year’s convention of silver Jubilee celebration. Ps 127:1; 1 Tim 2:1
  2. Pray that God will help us and take over as we prepare and plan for this great convention. Ps 121:1-2; Pro 16:1-3
  3. Pray for Wisdom, understanding, faithfulness and strength for all that are involved in the preparation and planning of this convention. Prov 2:6-7, Exo 31:3
  4. Pray that god will help us to prepare effectively and adequately. Prov 24:27
  5. Ask God to give us faithful and diligent men and women for the preparation of this convention 2 Pet 1:10
  6. Ask the Lord to release His Holy Spirit upon and the gift of wisdom, courage and hope in all our branches to achieving success in this year’s multiple celebration convention. Prov 1:23; Ezek 36:37
  7. Ask the Lord to help us to be sensitive to His move and leading. Isa 30:21; Mk 2:8
  8. Take other prayer points as you are led and take personal prayers.


Day 3 – Wednesday, November 8th, 2017 (G.O and family)

  1. Praise and thank the Lord in a multiple way for His goodness and mercy over our Daddy and Mummy, Rev Ayo and Rev (Mrs.) Yinka Odunayo; especially for the call upon their lives. 2Cor 9:15; 2 Tim 1:3;9, Lam 3:22-23. 1 chronicle 16:8-12. Heb 5:4-5
  2. Thank God for the marriage lift of our Daddy and mummy as they celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary during this convention 116:1-17; Isa 25:1; Ps 124:1-2
  3. Appreciate God for good health, divine provision and wisdom and his anointing upon them in the journey of their lives. 3 John 2; Ps 103:1-5. Ps 92:10
  4. Ask for God protection and guard over our Senior pastor and the entire members of family. Isa 41:13-14; Ps 125:2; Ps 91:1-6
  5. Ask for the glory and grace of god upon them and for new things to begin as they celebrate this 30th wedding anniversary. Isa 42:9; John 2:11; Phil 4:23, Isa 43:19
  6. Ask the Lord to help them finish their race well and strong. 2 Tim 4:5-8
  7. Ask for God’s blessings, goodness and prosperity


Day 4 – Thursday, November 9th, 2017 (Guest Ministers and other Ministers)

  1.       Thank God and pray for our Daddy and mummy for increase of grace and anointing upon their lives 2Sam 22:50, 1Cor 1:14; Lev 21:17, Rom 1:18.
  2. Pray for all the guest ministers – Daddy and mummy, Bishop Francis Wale Oke, Bishop W.T.Iwo, Bishop Yomi Isijola, Apostle Zilly Aggrey, Bishop Abraham Olaleye Dr. Kunle Salami, Pst Adeniyi Daniel, Pst George Izunwa, Pst Femi Adesanya, Revd Marius Alugwe, Prophet Isa El-Buba and the host of other ministers for journey mercies for this Convention. Ps 121`:8; Ps 31:3
  3. Ask God to release His grace and grant them utterance to minister greatly in this multiple celebration convention. Job 22: 25, 1Sam 3:18, Col 4:3-4
  4. Pray for the sermon preparation, that the Holy Spirit will put words in the month and that the word of the Lord will be fulfilled with speed and be honoured Among us. 2 Thess 3:1, Col 4:3
  5. Pray that the word they speak shall cause great revival and we shall experience the former and the latter rain in our churches. Acts 5:14-16, Exo 4:12, Joel 2:28-31
  6. Pray for the health of our Daddy and mummy and all the guest ministers and pastors including their families; for God to be with them, keep them strong. 3Jn 2; Ps 91:10-12
  7. Pray for angelic protection for all our guest ministers and their families and nothing should hinder them from being present. Zac 12:8; Her 31:28
  8. Take other prayer points as you are led and take personal prayers.



Day 5 – Friday, November 10th, 2017 (Finance and Resources)

  1. Thank God for many ways He has provided for us and the members of our churches in the previous convention and He will still do it again. Ps 68:19, Ps 136:25-26; Phil 5:29.
  2. Pray for supernatural financial open doors for us as a ministry and branches. Hag 2:7-8, Ps 112:2-3.
  3. Pray that all funds and resources needed for this program will be promptly and adequately supplied by God. Prov 8:17-21; 2 Cor 9:8-12

4         Ask God to touch the hearts of our members and make us true givers who will invest to the work of the Kingdom for this convention.  Exo 35:29, 1 Chronicles 29:9:10

  1. Authoritatively, command the North, South, West and East of this nation and the earth to release into our hands all the funds needed for this convention. Mk 11:23-29; Isa 60:11, Ps 24:1
  2. Pray that the Lord will give our members plenty seeds this period and make them willing to sow. Prov 10:22, Isa 55:10
  3. Pray that God should give our Ministry uncommon financial provision s for the success of this convention. 2kgs 7:1; 18; 1kg 4:27; Matt 17:24-27
  4. Take other prayer points as you are led and take personal prayers.


Day 6 – Saturday, November 11th, 2017 ((Harvest of Souls)

  1. Let’s thank the Lord for the ripe and ready harvest and ask God for harvesters to be willing among us for the harvest of souls. Matt 9:7-37
  2. Pray that as many that come to this year’s convention unsaved will receive Jesus Christ as their Saviour Ps 2:8; Romans 10:9-10
  3. Pray that the Lord will establish us and increase the influence of CVIC in all our catchment areas. Isa 2:2-3
  4. Ask God to give us the grace and willingness of heart to follow up the souls that will be won in this program.
  5. Ask the Lord that the harvested souls will embrace discipleship and become soul winners themselves. Romans 1:16

6         Pray that God will open the heart of people to receive the word of God that will come through the Ministers during this program. Acts 16:13-14; Acts 2:37-38

  1. Take other prayer points as you are led and take personal prayers.



Day 7 – Sunday, November 12th, 2017 (Weather and Attendance)

  1. Appreciate the Lord for the time and season we are in and our members will be glad to attend. Ecclesiastes 3:1, Ps 122:1-2
  2. Pray that Almighty God in His infinite mercy will give us good and favourable weather throughout the convention.  Josh 10:12-14, Dan 2:20-21.
  3. Ask God to grant our brethren that will be travelling from Lagos, Abuja, Bayelsa, Kaani, Benin etc journey mercies.  Ps 121:7-8, Exo 33:14-15
  4. Ask for absolute peace and security of Rivers state and Nigeria and the Lord to give us an all round peaceful convention. Ps 94:22, 1Kgs 5:4
  5. Pray that the Lord will draw people and the Holy Spirit will minister to their hearts to attend in great number. Prov 21:1, Isa 2:2-3, John 6:44.
  6. Decree that nothing will hinder our members and invited guests from attending the program to the end.  Gen. 24:58
  7. Ask God to show the wonder of His love to all in attendance through healing The sick, delivering those oppressed, setting free the enslaved from sinful habits and pour His former and latter rain upon them.  Isa 60:1-3, Joel 2:28-31, Acts 4:30
  8. Take other prayer points as you are led and take personal prayers.


Day 8 – Monday, November 13th, 2017 (Units/Planning Committee)

  1. Thank God for all our brethren saddled with the responsibility of planning this era making program
  2. Pray that the Lord will grant them His seven fold spirit- Isaiah 11:2
  3. Pray for the spirit of unity amongst them and cast away anything that create discord or lead to distractions– Gen 11:6; Psalm 133:1-3
  4. Pray for the various sub committees- publicity & mobilization, security & access, prayer, finance, welfare, sanctuary & decoration, venue sub committees. Also pray for the ushering, protocol, media, technical, power and vendors sub committees.
  5. Pray for all the supervisors and pastors working with the members of these sub-committees
  6. Pray that the different subcommittees will find favour before government agencies, (the Police, SSS, Nepa etc) and for families whose house may be need and members whose car and other may be needed for the occasion. Dan 1:9
  7. Take other prayer points as you are led and take personal prayers.



Day 9 – Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 (Security & Safety of Properties & souls)

  1. Thanks God for security and Access committee
  2. Pray that their experiences and connections will contribute positivity and greatly to the success of the multiple celebration. 2King 6:1-2

3       The Lord will give these subcommittee wisdom and understating to know how to guide, secure and protect lives and property before during and after the programs. 1Chro 12:32

  1. Pray that the Lord will open their eye to and give them grace to crush all satanic ploy machination and devices. 2 Kings 6:8-12
  2. Pray that our members will not be careless and carefree with their properties throughout the period of the program. 1Kings 3:18-23
  3. Pray that the Lord himself will be our security and His glory will be our defence. Deut 23:14; Isa 4:5
  4. Take other prayer points as you are led and take personal prayers



Day 10 – Wednesday, November 15th, 2017 (The Word and the fulfillment of the Theme)

  1. Thanks the Lord for sending us this prophetic theme: The former and the latter rain when CVIC is marking her 25th anniversary.
  2. Break every fallow, thorning, and stony heart that resists reception and fulfillment of God’s word. Hos 10:12; Matt 13:3-7; Jer 4:3
  3. That the Lord will make us hungry for His word every day. Luke 5:1; Acts 17:11; 1 Thess 2:14
  4. Pray that the Lord will use the various minister to wroth miracle, signs and wonders. Heb 2:4; Acts 19:11-12: Ps 105:17:22; Ps 107:20.
  5. Insist that this prophetic word will find fulfillment in our lives and churches during the program and in the years to come. Joel 2;23-28
  6. Pray that the Lord will send to you specific word
  7. Take other prayer points as you are led and take personal prayers.


Day 11 – Thursday, November 16th, 2017 (Courtesy Visits, Publicity & Logistics)

  1. Thank God for helping so far in our prayers with fasting. Ps 34:5
  2. Thank Him for the prayer focus of today. Ps 34:5
  3. Pray for receptivity and the salvation of the souls of people the church intend to pay courtesy visit: His Royal Highness Eze (Barr) Uche Isaiah Elikwu, Eze Epapra Rebisi Xii; Elder Raph Mooore Kalagbor Nyeweli Orochiri and Elder Temple Atiolu Nyeweli Orolezu (Elekahia) 1Tim 2:1-2
  4. Pray that the courtesy visits will open favorable doors and better relationship between the church and her immediate host communities. Prov 16:7
  5. Pray that the Lord will supernaturally publicize the program and attract for Himself the masses to the venue of the program. Matt 17:5
  6. Pray that the Lord will grant strategies to the publicity sub-committee to strategically publicize this program through the prints, electronics and social media. Ps 68:11
  7. Pray that the powerful hand of the Lord will effectively cover our publicity materials from thefts, wasters and satanic agent
  8. That every member of our church will deliberately committed to publicizing and attending this program
  9. That the Lord will curse our publicity report to attract the right audience John 6:44
  10. Take other prayer points as you are led and take personal prayers.




Day 12 – Friday, November 17th, 2017 (Invited Guests and Converts)

  1. Thank God for the multiple celebrations because it gives us the opportunity to host more people this year.
  2. That God will use us to invite our neighbors, friend and those around us for this great occasion. John 1:40-45; John 4:28-30
  3. Come against excuses, hindrances and distractions that may stop our invited guests from honoring our invitation. Luke 14:16-21
  4. Pray for journey mercies for guests and friends coming from outside Port Harcourt. 1 Thess 2:18; Rom 1:10
  5. Pray for mass conversion for all expected guests who has not known the Lord as the personal Lord and Saviour. Acts 16:14.
  6. Beseech the Lord that every day of these program spiritual needs of guest and members are met. Matt 11:28; Luke 13:11-17
  7. Take other prayer points as you are led and take personal prayers.


Day 13 – Saturday, November 18th, 2017 (Warfare prayer)

  1. No weapon formed or fashioned against our G.O and his family members, pastors and their family members, ordained leaders and family members, and other members of our churches will prosper. Isa 54:17
  2. Oh Lord, disappoint the devices of the crafty and let not their hands perform their wicked enterprises. Job 5:12-14
  3. Let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end over our Ministry, branches and every family of this Ministry. Ps 7:9
  4. Uproot every evil counsel and satanic agenda projected against the Ministry leadership and multiple celebrations. Matt 15:13
  5. Bind every manifestation of flesh and self gratification and glorification that could be detrimental to the success of this program.
  6. Decree that heaven will release financial resources for this program. Job 22:28; Job 20:15
  7. Take other prayer points as you are led and take personal prayers.


Day 14 – Sunday, November 19th, 2017 (celebrate the Lord)

  1. List previous prayer points and thank God for answering them. Isa 65:24