16th – 29th NOVEMBER 2015

THEME: MIRACLES – Hebrew 2:4

“God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders, and with divers miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost, according to his own will?”


Halleluyah! The Lord is taking us to another level from divine overturn to our season of Miracles. Get ready to receive your miracles and wait patiently with total focus on God who is able to make your miracles come through, wait I say until it is delivered into your hands.

In preparation for this season, a two weeks Prayer and Fasting is scheduled from Monday 16th to Sun 29th November, 2015. This is compulsory for all members of our Ministry.

Every one of us is expected to break the fast in our various churches every day during this period.

The churches will be open for daily prayers at 9am, 12noon, 3pm and 6pm. commit to this time, take this time as a period of personal Retreat, you will see what the Lord will do in your life during this convention and beyond. At 6pm, the fasting will be summarized in the church by a key leader / minister who is expected to take all your personal prayers and minister to you.

The following prayer points are just a guide to supplement other prayer requests. You will have the opportunity to also address your personal prayers needs.

Day 1 (Monday, Nov. 16th 2015) THANKSGIVING:

Take out quality time to bless the name of the Lord Ps 135 & Ps 136

Appreciate the Lord for the season of Divine Overturn that we are about rounding up. Ps 124:1-8

Thank the Lord for the successful completion of Victory Int’l Ministries calendar year. Eccl 7:8

Thank God for His divine intervention and provision in the mist of the challenges in the country this year. Ps 132: 14-18

Thank God for His faithfulness over the families of CVIC & your family in particular for His overwhelming provisions, protections & good health. Psalm 113:7-9, 116:7-8, 118;1-6, 124:6-8.

Take your personal prayers needs.

 Day 2 (Tuesday, Nov. 17th 2015) PRAY FOR GUEST MINISTERS/PASTORS

Pray that the anointing of the Lord will be might upon them, as they ministers the word to the people, to healed the brokenhearted, set the captivity free, the blind to see, the sick to be healed and to set at liberty those that are bruised. Isa 61:1 Luke 4:18.

Pray that through our daddy/the guest ministers and pastors many signs and wonders will be performed among the people Acts 5:12,

 Pray that the message will not only be in speech but in the demonstration of the Spirit and power. Acts 2:22. 2 Sam 23:2

Pray that utterance may be given to them and they will boldly declare and make known the mystery of the gospel – Jesus Christ. Eph 6:19; Col 1:27.

Pray for an unusual demonstration of God’s power through all the ministers such that remarkable miracles will take place and ask God to cloth them with His anointing to meet every need that the people may come with. Acts 5:15-16, Acts 19:11-12.

Take your personal prayers needs.

Day 3 (Wednesday, Nov. 18th 2015) FINANCE/RESOURCES

Appreciate the Lord for the divine supplies of all resources and financial needs for the programs and this year’s convention. Ps 68:19

Pray that God will send and raise helpers to finance this year’s convention. Ps 24:1-7

Thank God for multiplying all our resources in our previous programs Ps 115:14

Ask the Lord to satisfy our desire financially. Ps 145:16, 3 John 1:2

Pray that God will give our brethren the power to make wealth for Kingdom work. Deut 8:18

Pray that people will be willing to give freely and willingly.  Exo 36:5-7

Take your personal prayers needs.

Day 4 (Thursday, Nov. 19th 2015) HARVEST OF SOULS/MIRACLES

Thank God for the souls He added to us in the different branches through the year especially during the capacity enlargement program. 1 Chro 29:20; Ps 103:2

Pray for a renewed anointing on the Church for proper and progressive discipleship of every Believer and the planting of new Churches. Acts 5:42; Matt 28:19

Pray that the Lord will unleash a tidal wave of evangelism, disciple making, harvest gathering, multiplication, and fruit bearing in this convention. Prov 11:30; Acts 6:1a

Pray for a miraculous harvest of souls that will birth new members /disciples to fuel an explosive movement; exponentially adding to the Body of Christ. Matt 5:16; Acts 1:8

Thank God for the harvest that is ripe and ready, and pray for harvesters to be released from within us (starting from you) to bring in harvest of Souls to the Lord during this convention and subsequently. Dan 12:3; Lk 10:2

Pray that many unsaved will receive Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord during this program. Ps 2:8. Matt 11:28

Take your personal prayers needs.

Day 5 (Friday, Nov. 20th 2015) PUBLICITY AND ATTENDANCE

Pray that the publicity shall not see or experience failure in any form but bring glory. Prov 4;5-7

Pray that all our strategies for attendance shall work and produce adequate desire result Neh 2:1-6

Pray that everyone who is invited will make every effort to attend and that every difficulty that could prevent them from coming will be removed. John 10:10

Pray that God will make our banners, TV and radio jingles, flayers etc serves as effective channels and draw people to the convention this year. Lk 1:19

Pray for yourself and other that you will not be a toll of satanic manipulation to take away or disengage you from Miracles of this great convention. Acts 2:43-47

Pry that every hindrances and obstacles against publicity to turnout of masses to this convention shall be destroyed 2. Cor 6:3

Pray that the Holy Spirit will brood over our respective areas and create general awareness in the atmosphere for a miracles 2 Chro 20:17

Take your personal prayers needs.

Day 6 (Saturday, Nov. 21th 2015) GENERAL OVERSEER & FAMILY

Give thanks to God for his eyes that have been watching over our Shepherd and his family since the beginning of this year. Prov 15:3

Pray for protection against the plans of the enemy. Declared that “no weapon formed against our G.O and family member will prosper. Isa 54:17

Pray that the pressure of ministry will not interfere in the purpose and plan of God for Him. 2 Tim 4:7

Pray that he will remain focus and not distracted. Heb 12:2

Pray for godly discernment and wisdom for the G. O and wife. James 1:5, Eph 1:16-17

Ask God for special grace and strength for the work ahead of them. Ps 138:3, 2 Cor 4:16

Take your personal prayers needs.

Day 7 (Sunday, Nov. 22th 2015) NIGERIA/RIVERS STATE

Appreciate the Lord for all He has done for us as a nation over the past months from January to date. Ps 124:1

Identify with the sin of the nation – corruption, kidnapping, armed robbery etc. confess then and ask god for His mercies. Dan 9:4-6. II Chro 7:14 -15; Neh 9:1-6, 19-20.

Pray for Peace and security all over the nation. Eze 34:25; II Chron 14:6, 20:30

Pray for the three arms of government to do the will of God as they operate and pray for sectorial growth and development Prov 28:2.

Pray that the recovery of the stolen resources of this nation will be a reality and the resource recovered us for the benefit of the people. Pro 6:30-31.

Pray that the church will play its role of light and salt in the land. Matt 5:13-16

Take your personal prayers needs.


Thanks God for the categories of people that will be in this year convention and pray that the word of God will have free course in this convention and be glorified as the people receive their miracles. 2 Thess 3:1

Declare that as the sick or anyone expecting a miracle, hears the word, faith to receive their miracle will be imparted to their spirit. Rom 10:17.

Declare that the people will receive the word of God which is able to save their souls and to save them from their predicament with meekness and gladness of heart James 1:21.

Pray that the Spirit of God will prepare the hearts and minds of the people to receive the word for their miracle. Matt 13:18-23.

Pray that the eyes of understanding of the people will be enlightened as the word of God comes to them. Psalms 119:130

Declare that the word of God that will come forth will break limitations of human reasoning and they will comprehend and understand the all surpassing divinity of Christ and acknowledge his Lordship. Matt 17:13, Jer 23:29

Pray that the faith of the people being ministered to will not stand in the wisdom of man but in the power of God. 1 Cor 2:5.

Take your personal prayers needs.

Day 9 (Tuesday, Nov. 24th 2015) WEATHER AND SECURITY

Appreciate God for the good weather and security he has been given us in time past and in this convention.

Pray that God will cause the weather to be favorable unto us through the convention period. Josh 10:12-13.

Pray against every plan and devices of the enemies to use the weather to distract the people from coming to experience God’s presence in this convention. Job 5:12

Pray for God to grant and watch over every of our members in the city of Port Harcourt as a whole – declare peace in the land. Ps 127: 1-2

Pray that God will protect our homes, family and all that are ours. Ps 70 91:10-11

Pray that the Lord will surround is people as the mountain round about Jerusalem during and after the convention. Ps 125:2

 Take your personal prayers needs.

Day 10 (Wednesday, Nov. 25th 2015)  VENUE

Pray for a faith environment in this year’s convention where anything will be possible. Mark 9:19, 23; Heb 2:4

Declare that the faith of the people will be raised high as they hear the word. Rebuke the Spirit of unbelief in those that will be ministered to. Mark 6:1-6. Lk 17:5

Pray that the environment should be charge with the power and the glory of God for miracle to occur in the life of the people. Exo 40:34

 Pray for the awesome power of God to be made manifest and every burdens be lifted and yokes destroyed. Isa 10:27

Resist and stand against every strongman that may want to militate against the ABC Conference and the venue. Luke 11: 20-22

Pray that holiness and cleanliness will be evident in the site while the convention lasts and beyond. Lev 11:45; 1Pet. 1:14-16.

Take your personal prayer needs.

Day 11 (Thursday, Nov. 26th 2015) LEADERSHIP
Thanks God for our leaders – management, church and Departmental leaders,

Appreciate the Lord for all the stakeholder and ordained leaders and for God who placed them there. Gal 2:20-21

Ask god to uphold this ministry spiritually, physically and financially and wage war against evil interventions. Let God cause their efforts to be fruitful. Eph 6:11-12; 1 Pet 3:12

Pray that our management team will commit a healthy understanding, knowledge and wisdom accountable to their stewardship to CVIC. Prov 3:13-14; I Cor 9:15-18

Ask God to lead them in his own wisdom and give them direction in all their decision making with oneness of mind. Eccl 10:10; Acts 6:3-4

Pray that the Lord will give all our ordained leaders a cooperate anointing to function in our different offices effectively. Acts 2:42-43

Terminate any power that will cause division among our leadership team. II Cor 10:4-5

Take your personal prayers needs


Day 12 (Friday, Nov. 27th 2015) EQUIPMENT/SOUND
Appreciate the Lord for the equipment which we have for the purpose of this convention and the one that will still be added. Ps 68:19, Duet 8:18; 1 Thess 5:18.

Ask the power of God to work mightily upon the equipments and sound so that there will be no obstruction or hindrances. Ps 107:29; Lk 8: 23-24

Pray for God’s wisdom and knowledge for those in charge so as to manage and set the equipments better. James 1:5, Exo 31:2-3; 1 Chro 2:12

Pray for good and quality sounds throughout the program and all the equipments will function well.

Ask for zeal and commitment on behalf of the people working in this department. Ps 69:9; 2 Kgs 10:16

Take your personal prayers needs
Day 13 (Saturday, Nov. 28th 2015) PRAYER FOR WORKERS
Thank the Lord for yourself and other workers in this ministry for God to have count you worthy to serve in this year’s convention. Eph 5:20; Col 1:12; Col 3:17
Pray for all the units that will be ministering – the choir, ushers, counsellors. Sound team etc that they will all flow in the anointing, as they minister in their various capacities thereby promoting the environment for the miraculous.
Declare that they are ministering with excellency and that it will not be by power nor by mighty but by the Spirit of God. Zech 4:6.
Pray that the spirit of oneness and love will be promoted in all the units and the demonstration of the life of Christ. John 13:34-35.
Pray that all the workers will be faithful and committed to their service as unto God. Prov 14:5, Eph 6:6-7
Pray for strength for every member of the different unit and that they will not be ignorant of the devil’s devices. Eph 6;10, 2 Cor 2:11

Take your personal prayers needs


Day 14 (Sunday, Nov. 29th 2015) FAMILIES/HOMES
Thanks God for helping from the first day till today.

Thanks God for the victories, blessing, breakthrough that He has granted CVIC families this year. 1Cor 15:57.

Pray that the Lord will add God fearing, lovely and committed families to CVIC.

Pray that God will visit our families with miracle and power in their different area of needs. Ps 90:14, Gen 22:17; Isa 8:18

Pray for the establishment of more homes and family from our mature young adult. Gen 1:27; Gen 28:3

Ask the Lord to release His mercy and grace upon your family to bring to pass all the prophetic declaration made in this convention. Exo 33:19; Heb 4:16

Take your personal prayers needs.