Home cell manual

It is not surprising that the largest church in the world, Dr. Yongi Choi’s church in South Korea, with several hundred of thousand members, is built on the house and cell group principles. According to those who study church growth research has shown that seven smaller groups for every hundred people attending Sunday worship is minimum required for growth, ie cell group of 10 – 15 members each. The basic building block of the church is the small group in which the members are committed to one another. To run a house fellowship the following must be considered;

  • Vision must be made clear.
  • Discipleship must be encouraged.
  • Method of running the House fellowship must be clearly understood

Our vision and mandate – Isaiah 58:1-14 Colossians 1:28-29

  • Reaching the Nations – This is our Outreach/Soul winning mandate. It involves the multiplication of the cells.
  • Raising Foundations – This is our discipleship mandate. It involves spiritual growth.
  • Releasing Captives – This is our deliverance and healing mandate. It involves ministering to one another, empowering one another.
  • Discipleship – This is our empowerment mandate. It involves caring and empowering one another. All members and cells must work to achieve our 4-fold God given mandate.

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