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Day Eighteen


Scripture Reading: TITUS 1:10-14

Contributing Author: Amos Tukura

For the sake of fast buck, many otherwise genuinely taught believers have today become sold out to the world.

Verse 10 calls them unruly, vain talkers, and deceivers. Their teachings are no longer based on the bible but on how to satisfy their bellies. From such flee and rebuke sharply.

Do not be deceived by men who claimed to be one of us and yet preach or teach messages that are contrary to our faith.  Any teacher that destroys families, extort money from people with messages should be rebuked sharply.

The complacency of the church towards false teachers today has given rise to more false teachers.

Speaking out against these wolves in sheep clothing is not “judging others”. We must be our brothers keeper. Jesus told Peter to take care of the flock.

It is possible to be a born again, tongue-talking child of God and yet end in heresy if care is not taken, yet those around you may not know. So it is important that we judge every word spoken to us by men with the word of God.


1. Lord, deliver me from deceptive men, from wolves in sheep clothing
2. Help me to remain true to the faith
3. Help me to discern the real from the false in Jesus name.

Faith Declaration:
I am of God, the Spirit of the Lord is upon me, the Spirit of truth and of the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, I shall not be deceived out of the faith in Jesus name.


Proverbs 27:5 KJV
[5] Open rebuke is better than secret love.

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