This ministry has a fourfold mandate from Isaiah 58:1-12 and Colossians 1:28.

Outreach, Deliverance, Discipleship and Empowerment.

 It is summarized as follows:

  1. Reach the Nations – Outreach
  2. Release the Oppressed and captives – Deliverance
  3. Raise foundations -Discipleship
  4. Raise Champions – Empowerment


Vision statement

Reach the Nations with the word of Victory, deliver the oppressed and captives, disciple the believers and empower them to become Champions and builders of many generations.

Our message

The message of victory that Jesus died and rose from the dead that we might live the victorious life. That as a believer, you can be victorious



Our mission is what we are doing to actualize the vision. This is captured by an acronym: WORDMAN

W – WORSHIP – To give God quality worship and raise worship centers all over the world for Him.

O – OUTREACH – To reach out to people of all nations with the gospel of Christ and bring them into his Church to serve him

R – ROYALTY /REIGNING – To reign in this life and live a victorious and successful life and to become a champion and raise champions for God’s kingdom

D – DISCIPLESHIP – To become Christ-like in character, become a disciple and raise disciples for his kingdom

M – MINISTRY – Serve God and his Church with my treasures, body, gifts and abilities, help the oppressed and set the captives free

A – AGAPE – Love God’s people with the Agape sacrificial love, sharing my life and possessions with the poor, oppressed and needy.

N – NOW – Trust God and live daily by faith.



  1. Life Development Trainings
    • LDP 100 -Baptismal classes for those who are born again and on completion they are water baptized and issued baptismal certificates.
    • LDP101 –Membership Classes and on completion attendees sign a membership covenant and receives membership certificate.
    • LDP 201 -Maturity / Workers training classes for all those who completed membership course. Maturing the members and preparation for service in CVIC. On completion a workers certificate is issued.
    • LDP 301 – Ministry Equipping Class to introduce members to ministry and life mission. Issue Ministry Certificate.


  1. School of Disciples

This is a series of Bible studies usually on the theme for the year and focused on Character development and Bible application to life issues. The school of Disciples hold Sunday mornings and usually for members who have cmpleted the LDP trainings. Quarterly certificate of attendance


  1. Bible School Trainings

These courses are designed to deepen the knowledge of members in the word and doctrines and for spiritual growth and maturity of the believer.

When choosing leaders for various key roles in our churches, preference will be given to people who have attended our Bible school.


Attending the Bible School is also a mandatory requirement prior to ordination in the ministry.

  1. Certificate in Christian Ministry
  2. Advanced Certificate in Christian Ministry
  3. Diploma in Theology
  4. Bachelors and Post-graduate studies


  1. Music School. To raise quality worshippers and instrumentalists for God’s kingdom and CVIC in particular.
  2. School of Leaders. In-service training of leaders who may have passed through the VIBS to re-equip and re-fire them for more effective work.


  1. Our Church services
    1. New Testament Worship service on Sundays where we give quality praise and worship and teach the uncompromising word of God with signs following.
    2. Word Pasture – weekly in-depth word study to raise champions who reign in life over situations and circumstances of life.
    3. Victory Night – Weekly prayer school and warfare time t raise an effective praying and victorious army
    4. Open heaven Night – Monthly night vigils – spiritual warfare and breakthrough meeting and combined workers meeting / training
    5. Convention, and other special programs
      1. . All believers Conferences in 3rd week of May yearly
      2. . Annual Victory international Convention in 1st week of December yearly
  • . Children, teenagers, Young Adults, Women and Men conventions
  1. . Couples and family outreaches
  2. . Ordained leaders retreat, Pastors meetings, retreats and conferences and workers retreats.
  3. . Other special programs as inspired during the year


  1. Our structure
    1. The General Overseer / Senior pastor / President is the chairman of the Wisdom Council responsible for all the affairs of the entire ministry and all the churches. Other leaders in the Wisdom council are the Deputy general Overseer, Assistant General Overseer, the secretary of the board of Trustees and 5 others senior pastors.
    2. Each local church has a pastoral council, a leader’s council and workers council with seniority / authority in that order and each meeting for the better organization and running of the church. The pastoral council membership includes a church secretary and Accountant. The Resident pastor is in charge of each local church. All members and leaders are expected to work in cooperation with and under the leadership of their pastor.
    3. Groups of local churches report to a supervisor at an Area, Zone or District level and the pastors are required to submit to the authority of their leaders.


  1. Ordination of Deacons, pastors and Employment of staff
    1. All ordinations are done by the General overseer upon personal conviction after examination of candidates presented from the branches to the wisdom council. Such candidates are expected to have passed through the prescribed bible school trainings.
    2. All pastoral staff are employed solely from the ministry while non-pastoral staff requires approval of the Ministry prior to employment by a branch church or ministry arm.