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2018: Our Year of Abundance of Rain, The Rain, The Latter and Former Rain

Happy new year and welcome to the year 2018, the year in which by the grace of God, there will be a release of the former and the latter rain upon you, at the same time. Joel 2:23

May the year be to you a year of Abundance; your floors being full of wheat and your cats filled with wine and oil. May you eat in plenty and be satisfied in the name of Jesus. Joel 2:24,25; 1 Kings 18:41

In this year, may the Lord grant you speed on every side, such that as a plowman you will overtake the reapers and a treader of grapes you over take your sowing. The mountains shall drop sweet wine and all the hills shall melt for you this year, in Jesus name. Amos 9:13: Joel 2:23

This year, may the Lord bring you restoration and restore all the years you have missed, all the opportunities you lost and all that the enemy took from you, in Jesus name. Joel 2: 25

In this year, may the Lord God of harvests cause you to experience great harvests and consistent fruitfulness in all that you do this year. All that you lay your hands upon shall prosper this year in the name of Jesus. Matthew 9:38; John 4:35; Amos 9:13; Psalm 1:3

May this year be to you a year of multiple celebrations and rejoicing in the name of Jesus. You will suffer no loss and no sorrow this year in Jesus name. Amen. Joel 2:21-23: Job 8:21; Psalm 126: 6

Bishop Ayo & Rev Mrs Yinka Odunayo


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